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Bare Root Wetland Plants  

Bare Rooted Willow




Description: Bare root wetland plants are a cost-effective and “green” solution to traditional wetland plant material alternatives.  Because bare root wetland plants are propagated entirely outdoors, they are hardier and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to containerized greenhouse materials.   The savings is passed on to our customers in lower unit costs with less waste and cleanup hassle.  Like containers, bare root plants are easily installed using a traditional dibble stick and hand tamping.  Our bare root wetland plants have robust roots and top growth equivalent to that of a
traditional 10T containerized plant.  They are typically planted on 6-9” centers into 6” of good soil and fill in over the course of 1 - 2 growing seasons.  We currently offer bare root plants in bulrush, sedge, spike rush and rush species.  With enough lead time we can custom grow bare root plants to address specific plant source needs.


Dimensions: Equivalent to a 10 cubic inch containerized plant.


Applications: Wetlands, Ponds, Reclamation, Mitigation


Nebraska Sedge (Carex nebrascensis)
Wooly Sedge (Carex pellita)
Beaked Sedge (Carex utriculata)
Water Sedge (Carex aquatilis)
Artic Rush (Juncus arcticus)
Panicled Bulrush (Scirpus microcarpus)
Creeping Spikerush(Eleocharis palustris)
Hardstem Bulrush(Schoenoplectus acutus)