The following are links to our favorite native plant websites and publications. We frequently use these sites to help us specify the appropriate native plant species and products for a particular project. If you have any additions, please email us and we will add them to our list. 


USDA-NRCS Plants Database This database contains a wealth of plant information. You can search the database using scientific and common names and there are great links to more information.
USFS Fire Effects Information System FEIS summarizes and synthesizes research about living organisms in the United States—their biology, ecology, and relationship to fire.
Flora of North America This is the site for an online version of the Flora of North America. It gives excellent technical descriptions and pictures for identification purposes.
Colorado Native Plant Revegetation Guide This guide has excellent descriptions of native plant communities and species that are commonly found together. The information can be applied to areas throughout the west with similar elevation and moisture regimes.
Teton County, Wyoming Native Plant List This is a comprehensive list of native plants found in Teton County, Wyoming.
USFS - Celebrating Wildflowers This site has great information on wildlfowers and other native plant communities. There is a comprehensive list of resources located under the "Using Native Plants" tab of the menu.
Intermountain Native Landscaping Guide Compiled by southwest Idaho gardeners with experience growing native plants, this guide describes the characteristics and cultural requirements of 101 wildflower, grass, shrub, and tree species native to the Intermountain Region.