"Our river banks were in very poor condition when the property was bought. After re-grading the banks and installing wetland sod not only were the banks more attractive but were stabilized and have enhanced the fishery. After three years the banks are holding very well and now have a very natural appearance. It would be difficult to tell where the work has been done at this point. The river has a much more natural appearance today. We are very happy with the results. "
Dave Work, Teton Valley Idaho



"Wetland sod was the only product that would work to stabilize our creek, which had up to 70 cfs flowing right after the sod was installed."
Bill Resor


"I found the product to be excellent in quality. The product provided immediate short-term bank stability and has successfully established itself for the long-term. The vegetation has provided excellent aesthetic qualities to the storm channel. The product has proven itself to withstand sizeable storm events. Personnel from Native Sod Solutions provided excellent technical and physical assistance to the project before, during and after the installation."
Tom Malloy, Reclamation Manager, Butte-Silverbow Planning Dept.



"Wetland Sod was a cost-effective method versus installing containerized stock and the service throughout the whole process exceeded expectations."
Scott Horzen, TN&A Associates



"We initially installed Wetland Sod in challenging conditions and were concerned about the result. However, it handled these adverse conditions extremely well and outperformed our expectations. Since then, we don't hesistiate to use Wetland Sod for our nursery stock wetland needs."
Scott Davis, Pond & Stream Consulting